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Sarojini Naidu Government Girls Post Graduate (Autonomous) College
Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.)

Established in 1970


Yuva Utsav


Swami Vivekananda's birthday on January 12 is always celebrated as National Youth Day and the week commencing from that day is known as the National Youth Week. As part of National Youth Week celebrations, the Government of India holds the National Youth Festival every year. This is an event of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India and is celebrated annually in one of the States in a joint venture. The youth festival aims to propagate the concept of national integration, spirit of communal harmony, brotherhood, courage and adventure amongst they oath by exhibiting their cultural prowess in a common platform. This is done by organizing gatherings of youth across the country and encouraging them to take part in different activities.

Youth festival is an excellent event to bring the younger generation of your area or city together to provide an opportunity to enjoy, have fun, share experience with each other and exchange views on topics of common interest. For this purpose a non-government organization or group of such organizations join hands with each other and organize such type of event to give teens a chance to participate in social activities. This event can be exploited to raise environmental awareness in people.


  • • To bring young generation towards positive activities
  • • To make them become active member of the social fabric of society
  • • To motivate them play their role in collective social life
  • • To give them chance to get direct look at various social issues
  • • To prompt them share their views on various social problems

In above objectives the main objective is to involve younger generation in the process of solution of various social problems. Though environmental problems are very grave by their nature but usually are considered one of the social problems. Therefore, we can say solution of pollution problems can also be an objective of festival of youth.

Committee of Yuva Utsav
S. No. Professor/Employee Designation
1. Dr. Sanjana Sharma Convener
2. Dr. Sudha Dixit Member
3. Dr. Rashmi Joshi Member
4. Dr. Laxmi Shrivastava Member
5. Dr. Neena Shrivastava Member
6. Dr. Kirti Sharma Member
7. Dr. Kavita Kakad Member
8. Dr. Lokendra Singh Member
9. Dr. Kavita Kakad Member
10. Dr. Lokendra Singh Member


For the multifaceted development of personality of youth of the country since 1985 youth festivals are being organized in colleges and universities. These cultural activities are not only for national integrity but also for unity in diversity of our country. Thus, youth festival imparts the qualities of national is mand communal harmony amongst they outh. By organizing they outh festivals our cultural heritage is enhanced and protected.

These youth festivals are monitored at different levels. The youth festival is classified according to the rules given by the Department of higher education,M.P. Government. The first rank holders of college level competition of different cultural, literary and intellectual activities are sent to participate in district level competition. Those who attain first rank at the district level are the participants of the university level competition. First rankers at this stage are, in turn, selected for the final stage – the state level. And, here, the best of our youths’ ability in literary and cultural fields reaches its’ peak. The Inter-Collegiate Competitions in various activities shall be held every year with a view to identify various talents amongst the students of all affiliated colleges, recognized institutions and University Departments, who can there by suitably be selected to represent the University at the State, Zonal and National Level Cultural Competitions, as a continuous process. This would also open the avenues for the students at appropriate levels and make avail of the right opportunities for expression of their talents.

A gradual growth of interest among students towards these activities has been noticed since the beginning of Yuva Uttsav in 1985 at different levels. Like previous years, this year also competition of different activities–group dance, solo dance, quiz, debate, discussion, drama, spot painting, group song, solo song and creative writing at different levels (college, district, university &state) will be held as per the schedule is sued by the department of higher education, Govt. of M.P. Competition of solo dance will be based on classical dance forms like Bharat Natayam, Manipuri etc.

The schedule of Yuva Uttsav for the session 2021-22 is as follows –

1. Inter-class (college level) 19,20,21, December2021
2. Inter-college (district level) 28,29, 30 December.2021
3. Inter-district (university level) 07,08,09 January 2022
4. Inter-university (state level) 20,21,22 January 2022

Conditions and criteria for participation in these activities are in accordance with the direction issued by the Department of Higher Education, Government of M.P.

This college is proud of expressing the fact that our students have been actively participate in various activities of youth festivals in ceth every beginning and some of them have participated at the state level also.



The Youth festival competitions (College Level) were held at Sarojini Naidu Government Girls Autonomous College Bhopal during 20, 21, 23 December 2021. Students took part in various competitions and present their talent through various competitions. The results and venue of youth festival activities were as under:

Details of the Competitions held under Yuva Utsav:

A Solo

Fine arts Activities
S.No. Date Nature of Activity Number of Participants
1. 21.12.2021 Spot Painting 34
2. 21.12.2021 Clay Modeling 14
3. 20.12.2021 Collage 17
4 22.12.2021 Poster Making 29
5 20.12.2021 Cartooning 4
6. 20.12.2021 Rangoli 23
Literary Activities
S.No. Date Nature of Activity Number of Participants
1. 21.12.2021 Quiz 4 Group
2 22.12.2021 Elocution 15
3 22.12.2021 Debate 10
Music (College level)
S.No. Date Nature of Activity Number of Participants
1. 21.12.2021 Indian solo Classical 6
2. 21.12.2021 Indian solo Sugam 25
3. 21.12.2021 Solo Music Western 4
4. 21.12.2021 Classical Music Instrumental Percussion solo 1
5. 21.12.2021 Group Song Indian 3 Groups
6. 21.12.2021 Group Song Western # Groups
Dance & Drama (College level)
S.No. Date Nature of Activity Number of Participants
1. 30.12.2021 Group Dance 4 Group
2 30.12.2021 Solo Dance 10
3 30.12.2021 Ekanki 05

This year Sarojini Naidu Government Girls P.G. College has been selected to conduct Inter College Music competitions and some fine arts competitions. Three music competitions like solo classical, solo percussion and non-percussion were held in the colleges successfully. Two fine arts competitions like Poster making and clay modelling were held in the college. The post graduate and under graduate colleges affiliated to Barkatullah University took part in the various Music competitions at our college. The results of this inter collegiate competition are as follows:

Music (Inter College level)
S.No. Date Nature of Activity Number of Participants
1. 04.01.2022 Classical Singing Solo 05
2 04.01.2022 Classical Music Instrumental Non Percussion Solo 3

Our college won the first position in music instrumental non-percussion. Inter distric level competitions were held during 4-6 January 2022 at Barkatullah University Bhopal.


  • • Participants were enthusiastic and there was healthy competition amongst them.
  • • Participants won different prizes and accolade from others.
  • • There was competition in general knowledge and quiz etc. which resulted in boosting knowledge and awareness amongst the participants.
  • • There was interaction between students of different classes and colleges which increased understanding amongst the students.
  • • The participants became aware of the national heritage of the state and country.


  • • The students of our college not only won prizes in intercollege level but also represented the college at state level competition.


  • • Since the participants do not get any leave and they have to attend the classes also it hampers the preparation for the youth festival.


  • • Atleast two days should be given to the students for preparation.