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Sarojini Naidu Government Girls Post Graduate (Autonomous) College
Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.)

Established in 1970


The college abiding by the innovative practice introduced by Department of Higher Education, Govt of M.P. had stated JOPW for students at both levels of UG and PG according to this, the students are given the tasks of preparing a project report on the viability and choice of their jobs as a part of curricular. Under this scheme, the final year students were also required to undertake internship of two months at any place identified by the college in their field of interest. The IQAC has been keeping a close watch over the utility and effectiveness of this course. It has tried to improve its quality by seeking intervention of autonomous cell of the college.
JOPW Committee

S. No. Professor/Employee Designation
1. Dr. Mamta Maheshwari Coordinator
2. Dr. Renuka Rana Member
3. Dr. Kavita Singh Member
4. Dr. Rita Bamnela Member
Students completed training at various reputed organizations, banks and hospitals

  • Organizations - EPCO, IISER, AMPRI, MPCON etc.
  • Hospitals – Bansal, Red Cross, Chirayu, People’s, J.K. etc.
  • Industries – LUPIN, Hind Pharma, Sanchi Dugdha Sangha.
  • Regional Museum of Natural History, Different Banks etc